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Super Easy and Fast Rice Vermicelli Chicken Soup

Super Easy and Fast Chicken – Rice Vermicelli Soup

Hello lovely people out there…

Well I am new to the blogging experience and as you can see this is my very first post. I thought why not kick-start with food itself as who does not love a good hearty meal and that also homemade! Besides I love cooking and lately I have been cooking quite a lot. 😀

In fact I am fond of food photography and food styling.It is partly the reason why I spend so much time in the kitchen always experimenting on new angles and focus points. By the way comments and critics are very welcomed. And also I will be more than delighted to share recipes of any food post you like. Just leave a message and I will get back as soon as I can.

Ok enough about me lol So I made this super easy and fast vermicelli soup for lunch last Friday at home for my siblings. Oh yes they are great foodies too and always making the best out of me to try new dishes. But then for now I am sticking mostly to Mauritian dishes.Basically dishes that form part of our so beautiful multi-cultural society.This dish is commonly being known as ” Bouillon Meefoon ” but then I gave it a twist by using rice vermicelli instead of traditional meefoon. Personally I dont like Meefoon much because its too soft and sometimes it get lost in the broth.I loved the rice vermicelli on the contrary because it fills you up and also it is very healthy as a meal. I love clear broth which you can see on the picture. It was made from ginger and some variety of sauces like Fish,oyster and etc. You wont believe but I ate 2 big bowls of it and I still could not get enough. 😀 Sorry sometimes I get too greedy so much the food are yum. 😛

The cuisine of Mauritius is a blend of Creole, Chinese, European and Indian influences. It is common for a combination of cuisines to form part of the same meal.

See you tomorrow for yet another dish that will probably make you even more hungry 🙂


2 thoughts on “Super Easy and Fast Rice Vermicelli Chicken Soup

  1. Hi! This is Rani from Rani’s Cuisine. Lovely blog and recipes 🙂 I’ve been following you on Instagram as well. Thanks for the comments you left on Food Entrepreneurs of Brisbane. I need to start updating my blog again soon. I’m going to have to try this recipe. It looks really good.


    1. Awww thank you so much Rani.Wish you lots of good things always. You are doing a great job promoting our beautiful Mauritian culture and its food in Brisbane. Good luck for more openings with that. Yes always looking forward to see your new dishes on Insta! Take care x


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