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Luxury Indulgence

Luxury Indulgence

Good Morning out there my lovely bloggers ^^

Aha! You bet that’s a lot of chocolate indeed for one Crepe/Pancake! But then I have got greedy siblings.Aah can’t help it 😀 I must say every time I make pancakes,they turn out to be very different from previous ones. However,this time is was perfecto! 🙂 So soft and also very yummy in the mouth. No it’s not that previous ones did not use to be good.It used to be,just that this time I happen to love it more.

Normally I never use measuring tools like they tell you too.1 tsp of this and 2  cups of that.I just go by instincts.Ha! True who uses instincts in the kitchen 😀 But anyway maybe that is why they always turn out different depending on my moods.Crazy right? 😀

I love my pancakes a little burnt.Do you? I would love to hear from you and your love for pancakes! Personally I love my Crepe with just a little smear of jam.I love Orange Marmalade mostly on my pancake.Not too much of a sweet person,am I? 😛

Have a happy Monday my lovelies.

I’m off to the supermarket in the meantime for more yummy dishes!


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