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Creamy Bow Ties with Peas and Tuna

                                 Creamy Bow Ties with Peas and Tuna

Canned tuna isn’t usually the star of the dinner table, but it should be. Paired with pasta, made into a burger or tucked into a cheesy baked potato, this versatile pantry staple can do anything deliciously! The very idea of my blog was to take every day life simple ingredients and turn them into a masterpiece. Well close to a masterpiece if I can allow myself . 😀

Sometimes we are so tired from work or maybe we did not have the time to do the groceries and all we are left with are canned tuna, peas, pasta or maybe just some left overs from last night dinners.At that moment you will have to do with whatever you have in front of you I guess. Fear not, you can still make a yummy lunch and am sure it will bring smiles as well. It sure did on my siblings faces. Oh yes I ended up licking the plate for the bits of creamy cheese left. 😀 I do that sometimes which I reckon is a very bad habit after haha. 😛

I have never cooked with Bowties before.Last time I went to the supermarket I was so amused to see how beautifully shaped they are.They are somewhat like butterflies and today when I made them, I felt so happy with the way they turned out.Sometimes you want to make a dish, you have the image in mind but then what will it become at the end, you cant really bet on that. 🙂

                                  Creamy Bow Ties with Peas and Tuna

It’s simple and easy to make. You will need only some basics like the pasta, a cream sauce, some frozen peas or canned peas and the canned tuna. Some coriander at the end for the finish look. And voila , cooking has never been that easy! You put the pasta to a boil and in the mean time make your bechamel sauce. You will have to leave everything behind and take care of your sauce because this is the star of dish. After having drained your pasta ,stir it in the sauce and add the peas and tuna. At the end drizzle with some oil from the canned tuna for more taste and some coriander for the finish look. See 😀 Happy Tummys then!

Lunch is sorted for me for today my lovely people.

See you tomorrow. Don’t be a ghost please say Hello.Its getting lonely here. haha


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