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Our popular Mauritian Chicken Briyani


Mmmmm the smell of a good homemade chicken briyani, can you smell it too? Mouth watering isn’t it!

At home whenever I decide to make briyani, its ultimately like feast day with my siblings. 😀 I normally make briyani on weekend because it adds more to the feast. Especially if its on Sundays. If it’s on Sundays we make sure we already bought our ice cream tub and that it’s right there in the fridge for dessert. Aah when it comes to ice cream, that’s another story 😀 We make sure we eat all of it on the same day haha. We are little pigs,thank you. 😀 We all love ice cream I guess.Some love it too much,like

Oh yes sorry we were praising the so popular Mauritian chicken briyani,right? We all have our own methods of cooking it.We all have been brought up differently and from different cultures.It differs from people to people the way the briyani turns out at the end.Because we all add our own personal touch. This is what makes the beauty of homemade dishes and also of our beautiful country.

However honestly after it is done, god I am so tired plus all the dishes awaiting me in the sink. Pheww! Cooking is fun but dishes is not fun at all. 😛 It’s a lengthy preparation but then very straight forward.You only have to know the measurements and also the timing of everything. But still the secret of a good briyani lies in the rice.You will have to leave everything and stay focus on your rice so that the briyani becomes the star of the day. 😀 I,normally,soak mine for about 1 hour before pre cooking it.I only put it to a boil then strain it half cooked.Because, I then assemble it into layers in the Rice cooker.


This is how normally it should look like after all the prep done. I like my rice to be partially coloured.Some prefer the whole rice to be yellow coloured. It doesn’t really make any difference, it’s all about personal taste actually. 🙂 So,shall we begin a little brief on how to make this so famous briyani all the people tend to go crazy about just by the sound of it? Firstly, like i mentioned above soak your rice for about 30mins to 1 hour maximum. In the mean time you can marinate your chicken. A lot of people normally marinate their chicken the night before in the chill, It does not make any such difference. Apart from the fact that the longer it marinates,the more tender it will be. But still, it is the yogurt than makes it all tender and juicy. A couple of hours marinated and in the fridge shall give the same results.

After having cut up your chicken and marinated with the chicken briyani spices,you can leave it to rest in the fridge for approx. 3-4 hours. You can now half cook your rice and strain to cool down until its dry and fluffy.Next,fry your sliced onions in some Ghee – Clarified butter and set aside. I use the same pan to fry my potatoes as well. After having set aside all your preps, cook your chicken in the same pan. When the chicken is half cooked, turn off the gas and start assembling your briyani.

I place the chicken and all its gravy first on the bottom layer of the rice cooker.Then one layer of rice and cover it with the caramelised onions and some chopped mint leaves or coriander leaves. Then I add one layer of rice again and this time with the potatoes on top followed by the onions and chopped mint/coriander leaves. I repeat until all the rice is over and it should roughly look like the picture above. Before putting it to cook,do not forget to add 1-2 small cups of water to the whole thing.

Let it cook for about 30 mins and you should know when its done by the smell of it. It will release its magic through your kitchen. In the mean time I have already plate up the table and eagerly waiting for it to be done to serve. Because honestly we have been drooling since last night, remember? haha 😀 I normally serve it with a steamy hot chili paste and a salad.Most preferably cucumber – carrot salad as in the picture on top.

Bon Appetito!

Please do not hesitate to message me if anything else!


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