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Simply Spicy Taro Curry


The smell of a delicious curry,mmmmm…I love it too! 😀

Just the smell and my mouth waters because I am a great fan of spices. Even at home it’s like the end of the world for me if I do not have all the spices I am used too for cooking. I like them hot and spicy and a good amount of it too. It’s all about flavours and this is what makes your dish stands out. You have to be bold and experiment a lot in the kitchen because it is amazing how a couple of simple spices can revamp your dish to a whole new level.

Taro has always been part of our Mauritian food culture, from Taro fritters to steamed Taro roots with a delicious mint-coriander chutney. These are typical childhood memories ways of having Taros at ours.There are two types of Taro roots available at the markets in Mauritius. There are the white ones and the slightly violet/purple ones.Unfortunately, lately the violet taro ones have been less seen on the markets. Because I have noticed there are peak seasons for these beautiful violet roots vegetables.They are more widely available on the market stalls during summer times,which is around October – December period in Mauritius.

I have always been fond of Taros.I can feast on their fritters solely.But my mum loves to make nice curry out of the white taros. And they are indeed very succulent with chapatis/wholewheat parathas. You can even have it with some white fluffy basmati rice and a nice hot tomato salsa/chutney. I always eat 2 plates of it when I make their curry at home. 😀 What can I tell you,they are so yummy that I cannot help it rather than just eat it twice. 😀

Let me know if you would love the recipe for it. I would be more than happy to provide and help. It is very easy just like you make any other curry. 🙂

Im off for now. A little hungry after having written about the majestic Taros 😛



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