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Tandoori Chicken Kebab Tortilla Wraps


I love Kebabs!.And all these in a wrap? Divine!

Hello there my lovely foodies! Who does not love Kebabs? May it be the Doner Kebabs,Shawarma Kebabs or even Lamb Chops Kebabs. The smell of it on the rotisserie or even on the grill is simply amazing.Talking about Kebabs,how i would love to visit the Turkey or even Istanbul sometimes. The land of Kebabs! haha 😀 Let me add them to my bucket list. Ok done! 😀

I had some tandoori chicken spice mix at home and I did not quite wanted the usual tandoori chicken curry. So I thought why not try the kebabs as it’s been long indeed we did not have kebabs at home. I initially thought of eating them in a Pita bread but my siblings loved the idea of a wrap more than in the bread.

Do be honest I did not even know making your own Tortilla wraps at home could be that easy and simple. It was ready in just minutes! All you have to do was to make a dough,cut into small pieces and roll into a ball.Then cook on a hot stove for about 1 min on each side and then cover with a cloth so that they remain soft when served.


I had already made my fillings for the wrap beforehand because you have to marinate the chicken for atleast some good 5 hours for a very juicy and tender chicken kebab.I served it with a yogurt dressing instead of the usual Mayo-Chili combination dressing.It brings a whole new taste to the kebab.Almost very fresh and light. The siblings were so happy asking for a second round. Haha!

Those who love tortillas, trust me you can make your own instead of buying.Besides it is very practical if ever you have left overs and do not know what to have for lunch. You can use any o your left overs,toss them all in some rice.Add your favourite sauce and voila you have yourself a homemade Burritos! 😀 I think I am going to make Burritos soon. I will let you know how it goes,of course!

Have a lovely weekend out there! And thank you for saying Hello!


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