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Finger Licking Tandoori Chicken

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Finger licking tandoori chicken, who wants more? 😀

I absolutely love tandoori chicken more than anything.More than traditional chicken curry and also any other chicken based dish we can possibly There is something else about the tandoori chicken. Its taste and flavour makes you want to really lick your fingers at the end. On top of that if cooked in the oven or much better in the majestic TANDOOR! 😀 Mmmm..

Normally it is very easy to make as the spice mix is readily available in the supermarkets. You only need to cut up your chicken,marinate in the mix along with yogurt and then leave to rest overnight or for some good 5 hours. I add garlic paste and ginger paste to it as well. Plus coriander//parsley for extra flavours. Even some chili powder for the extra kick! Throw all these on a tray and Hop in the oven for about 45 mins until you smell the tandoori flavour.

You can either have it with some salad and bread slices along with a side dish like potato dauphinoise or roasted veggies.


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