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Delicious Frothy Mango Smoothie

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Smoothies! Who isn’t in love with these luscious drinks?

Healthy, convenient and portable, smoothies are ideal fuel-on-the-go for breakfast, an afternoon snack or dessert. Smoothies provide important protein, vitamins and minerals from ingredients like yogurt and fruit. For an easy breakfast or snack including banana smoothies, berry smoothies and green smoothies to keep you full and fresh. It can also help in losing those extra few pounds and also belly fat that you have always been fighting with.Moreover it gives you that glorious skin you always dreamed about.Are they not magic? No wonder so many people have been adopting this diet.


I had a handful of mangoes and I did not quite know what to do with all these.I wanted to do something easy and quick.Many would have made panna cotta probably.But then I was too lazy at that time of the day to make it. So I decided to make a smoothie instead. You do not need much as ingredients as well. All you need as ingredients are as follows:

  • chopped ripe mangoes
  • low-fat milk
  • ice cubes
  • plain low-fat yogurt
  • mint leaves
Place the mangoes,milk,plain yogurt,mint leave and ice cubes in a blender and blend until a frothy smooth texture is obtained.Pour into glass and serve chilled. I love how the mint leaves add to its taste.A taste of freshness and also not very sweet.But instead very refreshing.So if ever you find yourself with a handful of ripe mangoes and do not know what to make out of them,do try this smoothie and let me know how much you liked it.
Till next post,take care!

6 thoughts on “Delicious Frothy Mango Smoothie

  1. Yum… I can never get enough mangos. I put them in everything! On salads, in fajitas… Its been a while since I’ve made a good smoothie!


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