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Savoury Croquettes De poulet or Chicken Bajja

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Appetizers are always so tasty. Aren’t they?

I remember when I was still a child,how I used to love going to weddings especially for the appetizers and food. lol Please don’t blame me as the food at weddings are always so yummy. So today we are making one of the snacks that is commonly used everywhere in any Mauritian family gathering. I also remember how my Aunty would build a fire pit on the beach and fry them on the spot whenever we used to go to the seaside. There is no memory like that of your childhood isn’t it.

Firstly in order to make these fritters,you will have to let the batter rest for approximately 2 hours so that they float when you fry them. Else your fritters will remain flat and absorb too much oil. You know your batter is ready when it starts looking like this,airy with bubbles so that they remain soft and savoury.

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• 3 cups of self raising flour
•Pinch of bicarbonate of soda
• salt to taste
• pepper
• 1 1/2 cup of water

Mix everything until a thick consistent batter is obtained. In a pan, heat some vegetable oil up to a medium heat and then with a spoon drop the batter with the chicken bite size in it and shallow fry until golden brown.You will get the hand of it with time. Do not worry about them not turning into perfect balls shape. At first it is a little difficult to get them into uniform round shapes.

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After turning golden brown,let it strain on a kitchen paper towel in order to absorb the excess oil. Serve best with coriander chutney or mint chili paste. At mine the moment I lay them on table, it’s gone.😁

Hopefully you will like them too. I will post some more appetizers soon. Because even am a big fan of appetizers. For those who are vegetarian,they can drop cheese squares into the batter instead of chicken bite size.They are equally yummy and best eaten with some ketchup sauce.

Adios for now my lovely people.

See you tomorrow for another tasty post.


7 thoughts on “Savoury Croquettes De poulet or Chicken Bajja

  1. Savory fritters! I use to try them out with a thin beer batter and a smidge of bicarbonate and yellow food coloring powder. Nice to find so many interesting recipes on your blog.

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