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Delicious Chana Massala – Chole Massala Curry

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Another curry? Looks like I am now addicted to curries! So you can expect a lot of them more often from now on my blog.

I am a great fan of spicy food.And I absolutely adore a sinful plate of curry,any curry will do. Just be very generous on the spices for me to fall in love with the curry! Chole is a popular north indian curry. Chole goes well with poori, roti, naan or plain white basmati rice, especially when it is still hot. It was my first try on the chickpea curry today because we do not normaly have them at home.My siblings aren’t a geat fan of chickpeas. But then we fast on Thursdays, so I had to come up with something tasty enough for them to eat.Luckily for me they loved the curry with hot wholemeal parathas and some green leafy vegetables.

In order to make them you will have to soak your chickpeas the whole night before cooking. I normally store them in the fridge for the whole night. In the morning, you’ll notice that they have slightly double in size or puffed up. This is when you know they are ready to cook now.Wash the chickpeas again in tap water and then cook in a pressure cooker or lid pan for about 30 mins or until the chickpeas are mushy soft.

After straining the chickpeas, leave to cool down.In the meantime,in a pan lighty toast all your spices and then set aside.I like the idea of toasting my anis seeds,coriander seeds and some other seeds before grinding them. They add another depth of flavour to your curry. Or you can just buy the ready made garam masala spice mix and fry it along with your tomato paste in order to make the massala gravy. I guess it is simpler to use the spice mix.Then from there,you can tuned it your way like you can add more spices to the mix.

For the gravy you will need

• Tomato paste or 5 tomatoes chopped
• Onions
• Curry leaves
• Dry red chili or even green chili
• Salt
• The Garam Masala mix
• Ginger/garlic paste
• Chopped coriander for garnish
• Cooking cream (which I forgot to add into mine)

Heat some vegetable oil in a pan and when hot add all the ingredients one by one and stir by adding some water from time to time until a thick paste is obtained. Then add the chickpeas and stir again until well coated into the gravy. Add water and cover to simmer.When the water has reduced add the cream to it and let it simmer for a while more.Sprinkle the coriander on top as garnish and voila! It is not that difficult and also the basic ingredients are there. You can twist it at your own leisure like for the salt it all depends on how you like your dish to be. And as for the water as well,if you like thick gravy do not add too much.Maybe a cup or two will do.

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Every time I cook, I almost forget to take pictures of every step. Do let me know if you would like step by step pictures and I will try my best to reproduce. Anything else please do leave a message. I try to present it to you as simple as I can. Besides homemade cooking is personal I think. Like you only need to know the basic then you can take it from there. It’s all about experimenting and getting better. It gets more interesting with time as you develop more ideas to the same dish. That is why every time it gets better and better.

Take care my lovely readers! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Delicious Chana Massala – Chole Massala Curry

    1. When I just started the blog I wasn’t writing in details like I am now for the recipes.. So sorry for 2-3 posts that aren’t much detailed.But hopefully I will do them again and include step by step pictures..😘☺☺ Thank you so much for the interest and you can also send me a picture of your dish after you have tried at .Would definitely make me go over the moon 💕👏🍴

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