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The Simple Mint Smoothie


So we are back again for our Monday Blues! Oh no I meant Monday Greens. 😛 The ever so popular smoothies family with the very cooling thin mint smoothie. I love the frothy and almost velvety top of the smoothie. As you can see just the look of it makes you want to have one straightaway. 😀

Allowing yourself to have these kind of treats every once in a while helps keep you eating healthy in the long run.  The smoothie drink was created at health spas and juice bars.There are two types of smoothies: Vegetable Smoothie, and Fruit Smoothie.The fruit smoothies contain fruit and or fruit juice, and yogurt or almond milk.The mint one is very close to a Lassi drink. Normally a Lassi is a very traditional yogurt based drink in almost all parts of the Indian community.And slowly paved its way into the Mauritian family as well. The Lassi is made up mostly of yogurt and other dairy products like buttermilk. And sometimes a fruit is being added for a more distinguished taste.

In order to make this thin mint smoothie,I used the following:

  • Mint leaves
  • Milk (Any of your choice,some uses Almond or Soy)
  • Low fat yogurt
  • Honey
  • Basil seeds
  • Ice cubes

Blend all the ingredients together until smooth, and enjoy.

Voila for the smoothies Monday, we’re now done and it’s time to sip this gorgeous drink and enjoy the rest of the day. 😀

If you have any other smoothies that is your current favourite, please do not forget to share with me.

Take care my lovelies!


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