Famous Mauritian Dholl Puri


The ultimate street food!

The Dholl Puri is among the topmost favourite street food here in Mauritius. There is no escape to this delicious flatbread as it is very much sold almost anywhere around the island. Unfortunately in Mauritius there is no single dish that  can be stapled as our traditional dish but then without any doubt, the Dholl Puri is among the top 5 best traditional food. Normally a Dholl Puri or ”Dhal Puri” is commonly a flatbread stuffed with split yellow peas/Dholl and best served with butter beans curry along with a nice Mauritian ”Rougaille”.

It is so good to be back in the kitchen after a whole week of being sick.I have started to miss the dishes too.lol. I am very fond of Dholl Puri and every Monday this is my only lunch. I have them every Monday if you can say so. But then the pleasure of making them at home is something else. Certainly they won’t come out like the street vendors do but I guess with practice you can definitely reach there. I am so lucky that my Grandma used to make and sell back in her days. I guess this is how I got the hands for the food. Maybe it’s something in the genes as my Grandma passed it to my Aunties as well.They are amazing home cooks,you can literally eat your fingers especially when they make their Fish curry.

Ok no more gossips,let us start with the preps. To make around 10-15 Dholl Puris you will need the followings :

  • 500 grams channa (Gram) dholl
  • 3 1/2 cups all purpose flour
  • 2 tablespoon roasted cumin seeds
  • 1/4 teaspoon turmeric powder
  • Salt
  • Water
  • 1 small tsp of Food colouring

Firstly wash thoroughly the dholl and put into a pressure cooker or any other cooking vessel that you have. Add the tumeric and salt accordingly and put to a boil by adding 2 cups of water. At around 30 mins approx. the dholl should be ready and cooked. Your dholl should be soft and completely done but then not too mushy. Strain the dholl and leave to rest until completely dry so that you can blend the whole as shown above. After having blended all your dholl, add the crushed cumin seeds to the mixture and give it a good stir so that all the spice is thoroughly incorporated.

For the dough combine all the flour in a big bowl along with salt,oil and some food colourant. Create a whole in the flour and add water little at a time whilst combining all the ingredients together. Knead until a soft dough is obtained and leave to rest again for atleast 1 hour so that your dough becomes really soft and elastic to work with.


Afterwards divide the dough into small ball sizes and then take one at a time and fill with the dholl as shown in the picture above. Then carefully mold everything into a ball by rolling into a circular shape. Dust your working area with flour then roll out the dough very carefully on the flat surface. Every time you flip the dough dust with some more flour and make it as thin as possible you can. In the meantime heat a crepe pan or any flat surface pan. I find crepe pan better because you get the hand more to flip easily.When the pan is hot enough,place the puri on it and brush with some oil allowing it to cook for roughly 1-2 mins on each side.


Ouf finally done! Hehe. As much as it is fun thing to make at home, it is equally as tiring.But then the end result is worth it ans they are so tasty with curry and a good chutney. Dholl puris can be eaten with any curry and also at any time of the day. Our most favourite curry that goes so well with Dholl puris is the traditional Chicken Masala curry or a delicious Chicken Daube. I prefer a good lamb curry and a very crunchy salad with mine.

Hopefully you loved what you have seen and also loved part of our traditional food heritage. If ever you did have the chance to be part of it, do let me know how did you find it. And if ever you also grew fond of it.

Take care

12 thoughts on “Famous Mauritian Dholl Puri

      1. Thank youuuu so much again..😘 Glad you liked it..let me know how it turns out for you.I am so tired as made quite a lot of them today.lol.It is either called dholl puri or dhall puri at ours.both mean same thing..👌☺☺


      2. Yeah, pronunciations something to do about the village the ancestors come from in India possibly 😉 either way tastes like buttery flaky goodness! Will do, when I get around to it 😊 Feet up & enjoy the fruits of your labor 😘


    1. Thank you so much. Still room for improvements and god it is tiring to make haha.But then very yummy as they almost fall apart in your mouth..Yes true very little time when you have things to look after and do., x

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