Our Signature Mauritian Dal Puri

Dal Puri

The Dholl Puri is among the topmost favourite street food here in Mauritius. There is no escape to this delicious flatbread as it is very much sold almost anywhere around the island.

Unfortunately in Mauritius there is no single dish that  can be stapled as our traditional dish but then without any doubt, the Dholl Puri is among the top 5 best traditional food.

Normally a Dholl Puri or ”Dhal Puri” is commonly a flatbread stuffed with split yellow peas/Dholl and best served with butter beans curry along with a nice Mauritian ”Rougaille”.

Mauritian Dal Puri


350 grams channa (Gram) dholl
4 cups all purpose flour
1 tbsp roasted cumin seeds
1/4 tbsp turmeric powder
vegetable oil

2 cups extra all purpose flour

  1. Rinse and soak the channa dal for an hour or two (optional) . In a large saucepan, bring water to a boil and add the channa dal to cook. Salt accordingly and add the turmeric along. When dal has become mushy/soft drain and allow to cool down completely. Reserve the water for later use.
  2. In a food processor/grinder, grind the dal into a refine/powder texture enough to hold when squeezed in between your fingers.
  3. Mix the roasted cumin powder/seeds to the dal and reserve.
  4. In a large tray or surface, knead your dough gradually by using the dal water that you set aside. Leave dough to rest for approx. 2 hours before making into smaller ball shapes.
  5. Take the small balls shaped dough (about the size of a lemon) and fill in with the dal. Sealing the dough proper just like a dimsum.
  6. Sprinkle some flour on the surface and start rolling the dough flat and as thin as possible making sure it doesn’t leak out.
  7. On a hot surface(tawa), brush some oil and cook the dal puri on both side for about 2 mins each side. Regularly brush with oil to make it soft while cooking.

“The artist is the creator of beautiful things. To reveal art and conceal the artist is art’s aim. The critic is he who can translate into another manner or a new material his impression of beautiful things.”

12 thoughts on “Our Signature Mauritian Dal Puri

      1. Thank youuuu so much again..😘 Glad you liked it..let me know how it turns out for you.I am so tired as made quite a lot of them today.lol.It is either called dholl puri or dhall puri at ours.both mean same thing..👌☺☺


      2. Yeah, pronunciations something to do about the village the ancestors come from in India possibly 😉 either way tastes like buttery flaky goodness! Will do, when I get around to it 😊 Feet up & enjoy the fruits of your labor 😘


    1. Thank you so much. Still room for improvements and god it is tiring to make haha.But then very yummy as they almost fall apart in your mouth..Yes true very little time when you have things to look after and do., x

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