Yummy Mauritian Chilli Cakes – Gateaux Piments


So mouth watering indeed!

Chilli cakes or ” Gateaux Piments ” as we normally call them here in Mauritius are among the most popular appetizers/snacks widely consumed and sold throughout the island. It is also known as ”Gateaux Dhall” because the very basic of this street food is made from ”Dhall” – Yellow split peas itself. I guess we call it Chilli cakes because of the various spices added to it. It is optional though. You can not add any spice at all and it will still be tasty. You can rest assured it is not a bite size ball of fiery chillies. Only the name is Chilli Cakes – ”Bon Bon Piments” in French.

I remember when I was still a child and when there were any family gathering at mine, my uncle used to buy them pipping hot topped with some coriander chutney. Oh god they were so delicious and almost fell apart in your mouth. So comforting to have them still hot from the stove and at night with a nice cardamom tea. They are very easy to make and requires very little but then a good know how is needed. But still everybody has there own version of making it.This is why homemade is always better. We all add our own personal magic!

In order to make these little Bon Bon Piments, you will need the followings :

  • 300g Yellow split peas/ Dholl petit pois
  • 1 Onion
  • Bunch of coriander leaves finely chopped
  •  Spring onions
  • 2 dry red chillies
  • 2 tsp of Cumin seeds (Crushed and roasted)
  • 2 tsp Salt/pepper to taste
  • Couple of Curry Leaves
  • Vegetable oil for frying


Method 1 :

  1. Soak the Dholl overnight in water or atleast some good hours before using it.
  2. Wash thoroughly under tap water again and pat dry with a kitchen towel to absorb excess of water remaining.
  3. Add a cup at a time into your blender or grinding machine and blend until a smooth paste is obtained (As shown below)


Method 2 :

  1. After having blended all your Dholl , pour into a big bowl and add all the dry ingredients as mentioned above.
  2. Mix thoroughly with a spoon all the ingredients until well incorporated.
  3. Next roll into small bite size balls.
  4. Heat your pan with some vegetable oil and start dipping them one by one carefully.
  5. Strain and serve hot with some coriander chutney.





And voila you’re done with those magical Bon Bon Piments.I love calling them Bon Bon Piments instead of Chilli cakes because they sound so magical and cute. Yes they are quite close to Falafel! The only difference is that Falafel is made from chickpeas and here it is from split peas. Besides Falafel is a little more dense in structure where as this one is lighter to taste. Yes you can say it is our version of Falafel in Mauritius.Hehe!

If you love Falafel then you will definitely love this one too. You can eat them as a curry in a thick gravy or even in bread.Here we have them in hot french baguette and some grated cheddar cheese on top! A real delish trust me.

Tata until my next post my lovelies!

16 thoughts on “Yummy Mauritian Chilli Cakes – Gateaux Piments

    1. Awww.. How come love? They are widely being sold everywhere on the high streets..Anyway now you can make them at home by the help of my recipe 🙂 I’m sure you will love them x


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