New Beginnings – Year Sweet 16


A small round up of the last few festive weeks of 2015!

Oufff! Yes Ouff! That’s the only beautiful word I can come up with to sum those few weeks into. I don’t remember the time when I had so many cooking to do. It was a challenge really and also I wanted to make it memorable for my siblings as well. It is the tradition at ours to have at least lunch or diner the traditional way on Christmas and New Year day.

Still to be honest in Mauritius there is no traditional Christmas diner or lunch as such. I mean anything you make on that day becomes the traditional Christmas lunch/diner. I know many other countries where Roast is the absolute must to keep the Christmas tradition going. However here, we all try to mix and match and make something fun and memorable and it varies greatly from people to people. Some will have the delicious Briyani, some will have a BBQ diner and some will simply have some Curry. Sometimes whom you are sharing the table with counts more than what is on the table on that particular day.

So early that morning I started off by getting the snacks and starters ready.Among the many appetizers I had prepared were :

Samosa with sweet corn kernels and cheese filing
Tuna pasties
Club Sandwiches
Vegetarian Spring rolls
Kentucky Fried Chicken
Chicken Croquettes
Soft boiled eggs marinated in soy sauce
Green Chili paste

Part of the recipes can be found by clicking on links in case you would love to try any of them out.And as Mains, there were a delectable Octopus Curry along with a spicy Rice Pilaf and some Cucumber salad cut into thin slices to go with.

995778_485666061615484_3462066889544814476_n (1)
Christmas Traditional Lunch – Mauritian Food

For New Year’s lunch there were only Mains because honestly too much eating has been going on for Christmas and the few days that follow after.So on the Menu was :

Dhal Puris
Fish Curry
Chicken Daube with fondant potatoes
Cucumber Salad
Coconut Chutney
Long peppers slightly fried in Garlic Oil (Piment Cari Frire)
Plain white Rice

New Year Feast
New Year’s Traditional Feast – Mauritian Food

Oh trust me there was no place for dessert really after such a scrumptious meal. However a little ice cream won’t do any harm, will it? I am happy and grateful that I could make it memorable for my siblings. It was Christmas and New Year as never before and laughter was the brightest on that day. Amazing how food can bind and grow the love at it’s most beautiful peak. There is some different kind of magic in food, in fact the magic lies in sharing.For in sharing is caring and to care simply means to love.

So now onto the year sweet 16, so many projects on my mind for the blog.New beginnings, whole new recipes but still in the Mauritian context for now,new logo also for the blog and many many more amazing news coming up really that I am very looking forward to. So do not forget to visit the blog from time to time.

Year 2015 has been so rich with great challenges. A year full of so many changes and also a year of inner growth really.

Thanking you for all the love and appreciation to what I do and honestly it means a lot because PeachyTales is all about your love!

Wishing you a year full of beautiful moments,good health and all the blessing that a heart can hold. Lots of love and may this year brings you fulfillment and many many more.

Be back with more amazing recipes soon!


11 thoughts on “New Beginnings – Year Sweet 16

    1. Thank you kindly for the comment hun..💋 Oh I so so love Moroccan food love..💗 But never had the chance to taste it really.Its my dream to visit Morocco and Istanbul someday for their food..😍😍😍 Yes here there are called “Samosas” .Normally small phyllo pocket or dough with any fillings of your choice.Traditional ones are potatoes and peas here.. 😁💗💗💗

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I was last year in Turkey it was AMAZING, you are than welcome anytime in Morocco 🙂 Marhba! Yep There is salty and sweet”Briouates” . The sweet one it’s maid essentially almond also honey and the salts one’s what ever you want: meatballs, chiken.. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Awww thank you kindly hun..💋💋💋 Will definitely keep in mind when I plan this dream holiday sometimes.. By the grace of God..💗💗💗 I would love to write a food post with a Morocan recipe sonetimes aswell.Will definitely get back to you for this someday soon..He he! 💋💋 Hope you don’t mind..😘😘

        Liked by 1 person

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