Mauritian Five Spice Chicken Lollipop – Cotelette Poulet


The only drums that will get your inner child out and playing!

I am not kidding! I mean we all were great music players back in our childhood, aren’t we? But I guess growing up these were the perfect drums anyone could have! Dipped in a hot sauce, their soft crumbly coating falling off while taking a mouthful. The taste of a glorious fry up, that tender soft chicken meat. Mmmm. Do not wake me up at all from that magical moment. I mean a moment spent with chicken meat in hands has always been the best right?


Mauritian style Chicken Lollipop also known as Cotelette de Poulet makes the best appetizer on the table always. It can be a tough time getting the meat from the bone but once you get the hand of it, it becomes a beautiful child play. I have always been intrigued about these little drums and have had myself a tough time getting them perfected. The image that never goes away in my mind of these beautiful Cotelette is that when I go to Curepipe.



Near to the bus station there would be quite a bunch of hawkers, all lined up and selling their best of the day. And there he was, the only person that could grab my attention.The Chicken Cotelette vendor, just right there quite away from the lot, in a small corner just for you to be able to see all the meat stacked on each other. It was like getting lost in the Chicken wonderland, so many Chicken Lollipops stacked on top of each other. The crumbs scattered everywhere in his tupperware box. A delicious mess.


You don’t normally find these everywhere on the island as they are mostly being served and prepared beforehand to celebrate engagements or wedding receptions. They are quite the star of the show sometimes because you simply cannot help yourself. One , two , three and four and here one more and again two more. And it goes on, you simply can’t help grab them off the serving boards at weddings.






Mauritian Five Spice Chicken Lollipop – Cotelette de Poulet

Yield 10 Chicken Lollipops ( approx. )

Preparation time : 25 mins
Cooking time : 20 mins

Ingredients for the Chicken Lollipop:

  • 2 pounds (1KG) EASY PACK Chantecler chicken wings (about 10 whole wings)
  • Vegetable oil for deep frying
  • 1/2 cup corn starch
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1/2 tsp galt
  • 1 tsp crushed black pepper
  • 1 tsp ginger powder
  • 1/2 cup all-purpose flour
  • 1/2 cup cold water or Fizzy water
  • 2 tbsp of All spice/5 spice powder
  • 2 beaten eggs


  1. First prepare the Chantecler chicken. Take a chicken wing and cut it into 3 pieces – using the joints of the wing as your guide. Discard the pointy ended piece.
  2. Take the middle piece and cut the chicken away from the bones Push the chicken flesh down using your fingers until the meat is pushed down to the end.
  3. Repeat with the rest of the wings – so you have 10 Lollipop like meat.
  4. Heat the oil on a high heat in a Chinese Wok or use a deep fryer, if you have one.
  5. Mix the cornstarch, baking powder, 5 spice, salt, ginger powder and pepper together in a large bowl. Place the chicken wings in the bowl and toss to cover. Place the chicken wings on a plate.
  6. Add the flour and water / or fizzy water to the remaining cornstarch mix that’s left in the bowl and whisk.
  7. One at a time, dip a chicken wing in the egg then batter, let any excess batter drip off and carefully lower into the hot oil. Cook for 8 minutes, moving the chicken about in the pan once or twice to prevent it sticking together.
  8. Remove the chicken from the oil and place on some paper towels.
  9. Repeat with the remaining wings.
  10. Serve the Chantecler chicken lollipops with any desired hot sauce or ketchup of your choice.






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