Solo Travelling Series : A Journey of Expansion


Into the wild I go, losing my way to find my soul!

There comes a point in Life where you feel the calling to hit PAUSE with everything in order to meet yourself. Far enough where the only echoes you are dying to listen are that of your heart. To connect with your inner wisdom , your inner voice and your inner compass. That is when you realise that time has come to leave everything behind, all the comforts that you have been building for ages. And to TRAVEL! In quest of yourself, for yourself! Time to adventure the unknowns part of yourself. To Re-discovery!

Welcome to PeachyTale’s Solo Travelling carnet! A new series that I have decided to start out of the odds and from rocky solo travel experiences I have been through during the past year. The self realisations where the veil about Life got thinner and thinner along the road. The moments where I were faced with myself alone forced to look deep within my darkness and shadows. How to transmute what I was faced into light!


Solo Travelling is like food for the soul! You definitely aren’t going to be the same person after having seen the moon shine from the other side of the world. Your perspectives start to change about Life in general. You finally come to a point where all that you know turns out to be nothing at all. I am going to write this series in segments/parts so that it gets easier to follow along. We will start with the very basic of planning your trip, which mine happened to be London. I want to keep it insightful for those who are on a low budget travelling plan as well as those who are just looking forward to the experience of solo travelling.

#Thankful (2).jpg

In this series I will be covering all that you need to know before planning your first solo trip to the world of adventures. Here under are a list of titles that I am looking forward to elaborate and share in details with you all in different segments on the blog.

  1. How to plan your first solo adventure ( best time of the year, weather, clothes,etc .. )
  2. How to look for AirBnb’s and making sure you have the best/safe experience at your stay.
  3. How to manage your budget accordingly and helping you to make the most of the trip ( Tips and hacks… )
  4. Your guide to TOP 10 BEST of Everything in LONDON
    part (a) Eats, Markets and other great finds

    part (b) Arts – Museums & Galleries, Parks
    part (c) Walks, Free activities in the City
  5. My take on a London Classic (Recipe creation)

I hope you are very looking forward to this series as much as I am planning to share in the months to come. It will be a Bi- Monthly series filled with insightful reads, links and chatter!



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