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Throwing the tables out, getting the flowers ready and lighting up the BBQ…
( under construction )




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    1. Hello my love. Thank you so much for getting in touch really. It definitely warms the heart. It means a lot to be honest. Very happy to connect as well and that’s amazing really because I wanted to blog about Rodrigues sometimes. We keep in touch hun. I would be more than privileged to write about Rodrigues and it’s culinary heritage 😍💕


      1. I will be happy to help you with informations from Rodrigues island. So happy to help.
        Thanks for following my blog. I am a working mom and want to blog about my life here in Rodrigues with my husband and kids.
        I am finding it a little tough to learn to use the site but I’m learning slowly.
        Hear from you soon.

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      2. Awww. Thank you. Thank you so much hun. Great news really. I will get in touch soon.. I know how it is. But being a mum it’s a special gift and it comes with power. You will shine through and all is going to be Ok love. Have a great weekend and hugs 💖


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