Sweet And Sour Fish – Mauritian Poisson Aigre – Doux

  Love Chinese take outs? I love them too especially their sweet and sour.There is something else about Chinese cuisines.I don't think there will be enough words to describe how amazing this cuisine is.It is bound by so many cultures and flavours of so many many years of traditions. Aah and their noodles namely Udon,Ramen,Soba … Continue reading Sweet And Sour Fish – Mauritian Poisson Aigre – Doux

Mouth Watering Sesame Balls – Gateau Zinzli

I love Sesame Balls! Are you not equally tempted by the look of these Sesame balls? I find them quite magical because even after frying,the sesame seeds are still white in colour! How fascinating is that! Really impressive and such a delight in the mouth.Normally they are called Jian dui (Chinese name) and is made from glutinous … Continue reading Mouth Watering Sesame Balls – Gateau Zinzli

Yummy Niouk Yen (Steamed Chayote Balls)

Nomnom! Personally I wouldn't say No to a big bowl of Niouk Yen no matter what time of the day. Niouk Yen or ''Boulette Chou Chou '' as being commonly known in Mauritius is a highly appreciated street food among the locals.You can find them mostly everywhere around the Island. They are served in various … Continue reading Yummy Niouk Yen (Steamed Chayote Balls)