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Fondant Mauritian Baguette Fromage – Cheese sticks

Cheeeeessseeeeeeeeee! Oh yes like I always mention,anything with cheese in it is a sheer heaven to have.Just like my golden cheese sticks most commonly called the ''Baguette Fromage'' in Mauritius.They remind me so much of my childhood days.Back to the days where the first thing I would do when groceries shopping with Mum,would be to run… Continue reading Fondant Mauritian Baguette Fromage – Cheese sticks

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Full of Flavour Stuffed Long Peppers (Mauritian Piment Cari Farcis)

Looking for something to tantalize your taste buds? How about these appetizing stuffed long peppers as starters? They are full of flavours as stated above and you won’t be disappointed! I personally love them and they make the best appetizers for birthday parties or even family gatherings.Mauritius is a rich cultural island and also full of… Continue reading Full of Flavour Stuffed Long Peppers (Mauritian Piment Cari Farcis)

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Famous Mauritian Dholl Puri

The ultimate street food! The Dholl Puri is among the topmost favourite street food here in Mauritius. There is no escape to this delicious flatbread as it is very much sold almost anywhere around the island. Unfortunately in Mauritius there is no single dish that  can be stapled as our traditional dish but then without… Continue reading Famous Mauritian Dholl Puri