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The little things to life – Bread Pakoras / Mauritian Dipain Frire

My little guilty pleasures! The sight of Ma already there and awaiting me are definitely among the truly precious memories I hold back then. Her coming to see me after school with her ‘’Tante Raffia’’ would literally lift my face with sheer glow because I knew she brought my favourite ‘'little guilty pleasures’’ to indulge… Continue reading The little things to life – Bread Pakoras / Mauritian Dipain Frire

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Winter Warmers Pakoras – Mauritian Gato Lissou

Are you Pakoras about Pakoras? Who doesn't love crunchy,cripsy and delicious pipping hot Pakoras? I find them truly addictive really and paired with a frothy cardamom Chai, it's heavenly. Heavenly in the sense that I don't want the day to end really.Mauritian Street Food draws out a lot of attention as to why is it… Continue reading Winter Warmers Pakoras – Mauritian Gato Lissou

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Spicy Beer Battered Onion Rings

Got a couple of beers at home? In mood of something with an edge? Or simply in the mood to party? Then why don't you start off by making your own party food to build up the mood for an amazing evening.I have here for you the perfect crunchy , crispy , light and spicy… Continue reading Spicy Beer Battered Onion Rings

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Rocking Aubergine Fritters – Gato Brinzel

Ah happy days! Aubergine fritters literally scream childhood times and happy days to me.Also they are Mum's and I favourite to have at breakfast with bread and butter. I simply love Aubergine fritters or as so commonly known here as ''Gato Brinzel". Mauritius and Street Food goes hands in hands when it comes to speaking about… Continue reading Rocking Aubergine Fritters – Gato Brinzel

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Mashed Banana Cinnamon Fritters – Gateau Banane

If you think bananas are just for monkeys,think again! Bananas are my most favourite fruits to eat especially at breakfast time. They make such delicious breakfast when added to your cereals. And to top it all, a good drizzle of honey over.Yum! Often we are found with a lot of them left and not really… Continue reading Mashed Banana Cinnamon Fritters – Gateau Banane