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Savoury Tuna Pasties – Pâtés Thon

One canned tuna left at home and you are still wondering what to make out of it? I don't think there is anything more savoury other than pasties that can make up to that one canned tuna left. I simply love pasties.And the best thing about pasties is that you can design your own fillings.… Continue reading Savoury Tuna Pasties – Pâtés Thon

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Super Easy Chicken Chop Suey

A lot of vegetables lying around? Do you have a lot of vegetables lying around and do not know what to make of it? Tired of making soup and stock. How about a stir fry? With chicken it works amazing! Chicken chop suey has always been an old time favourite and it goes along with… Continue reading Super Easy Chicken Chop Suey

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Famous Mauritian Dholl Puri

The ultimate street food! The Dholl Puri is among the topmost favourite street food here in Mauritius. There is no escape to this delicious flatbread as it is very much sold almost anywhere around the island. Unfortunately in Mauritius there is no single dish that  can be stapled as our traditional dish but then without… Continue reading Famous Mauritian Dholl Puri

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Yummy Niouk Yen (Steamed Chayote Balls)

Nomnom! Personally I wouldn't say No to a big bowl of Niouk Yen no matter what time of the day. Niouk Yen or ''Boulette Chou Chou '' as being commonly known in Mauritius is a highly appreciated street food among the locals.You can find them mostly everywhere around the Island. They are served in various… Continue reading Yummy Niouk Yen (Steamed Chayote Balls)