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Kal sa fraisere la? Mauritian Chicken Rice Vermicelli Soup / Bouillon Mee Foon

A vos bols! Winter is at its peak in Mauritius around the month of July. Returning home to some comfort food is all that you can dream of during the day. Today’s recipe has it all from warmth to nutritious as well as a vibrant kick to soul satisfying. I grew up in an extended…… Continue reading Kal sa fraisere la? Mauritian Chicken Rice Vermicelli Soup / Bouillon Mee Foon

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Spicy Coconut Milk Lentil Soup – Mauritian Lentille Noir / Dal

Back to basics! And we are kick starting this recipe with a big announcement!To all those who finish their lentil soup will be rewarded! With more… S O U P! Haha. Ok I am sorry just being a little tease but then honestly isn’t lentil soup so rich and comforting really? I don’t recall a…… Continue reading Spicy Coconut Milk Lentil Soup – Mauritian Lentille Noir / Dal

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Creamy and Classic Dal Makhani

I can eat this everyday! Trust me even you won’t be bored because not only is it so creamy good but also very tasty. I love Dal Makhani so much! Dal makhani or ”Buttery Lentils” is a popular dish originating from the Punjab region of the Indian subcontinent. The primary ingredients in dal makhani are…… Continue reading Creamy and Classic Dal Makhani

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Velvety Carrot Soup Goodness

Looking for something to go along with your roasted chicken? Then I have the perfect solution here for you with my Velvety Carrot Soup. Besides its creamy texture,it will no doubt leave you greedy for more.Actually you might even drop the idea of having another piece of that chicken at the end. It is also suitable…… Continue reading Velvety Carrot Soup Goodness

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Fragrant Chicken Wonton Soup

My first take on the delicious chicken wonton soup! Olé! Just like you even I was new to this soup.Its only recently that I have come across this fragrant soup and I thought why not give it a try at home. They are very easy to make and also very tasty with just a couple of…… Continue reading Fragrant Chicken Wonton Soup

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