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It’s a New Year and PeachyTales is now filling up the 2018 Diary as from Today! Let’s make a Change together  

I am a self taught Food Stylist/ Photographer to be honest. I would certainly very much love an opportunity to work with experienced people in my field. For now I am enjoying the different challenges that being in the food industry offer.

Please find below services that are currently being put forward by PeachyTales:

•Recipe Development / Brand Content Creation 
Creating Recipes, Articles of any kind and Photos for Blogs or any Online Publications.

• Food Styling  & Food Photography (Visual Story Telling)
Tell the story of your Brand through custom photography or styling/ingredients.

•Brand Collaboration / Sponsored Post
Invigorate your social media presence by running giveaways or sponsoring posts on my different social media platforms.

•Magazines – Editorials
Text Writing and Creative content creations bringing a slight edge to your usual content.

•Event Coverage
Covering your Food Events through a detailed set of Food Photography as well as using social media platforms to spread the buzz.

Also open to work for both Locals and Internationals.

p.s All of my recent works can be found on my Facebook and Instagram page.

Kindly get in touch for a media kit/quotations at : 


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