Heavenly Vegetarian Samosa

Little triangles of sheer heaven! Normally known as Samosa or ''Samoosa'' in our local terms. A Samosa or Samosas is basically fried dough or baked pastry with savoury fillings of your choice.Most of the time it is filled with potatoes and peas but then with time a lot of variations have been added to these little … Continue reading Heavenly Vegetarian Samosa

Yummy Mauritian Chilli Cakes – Gateaux Piments

So mouth watering indeed! Chilli cakes or '' Gateaux Piments '' as we normally call them here in Mauritius are among the most popular appetizers/snacks widely consumed and sold throughout the island. It is also known as ''Gateaux Dhall'' because the very basic of this street food is made from ''Dhall'' - Yellow split peas … Continue reading Yummy Mauritian Chilli Cakes – Gateaux Piments

Savoury Tuna Pasties – Pâtés Thon

One canned tuna left at home and you are still wondering what to make out of it? I don't think there is anything more savoury other than pasties that can make up to that one canned tuna left. I simply love pasties.And the best thing about pasties is that you can design your own fillings. … Continue reading Savoury Tuna Pasties – Pâtés Thon