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Penne Tuna Pasta Bake with Cheddar Cheese Goodness

Just a few humble ingredients! Oh yes this will take only a few humble ingredients in order for you to win the hearts of many really. Canned Tuna is often disregarded and considered as being an under rated food ingredient in the kitchen. Also not knowing what to make out of it most of the time makes… Continue reading Penne Tuna Pasta Bake with Cheddar Cheese Goodness

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Heavenly Vegetarian Samosa

Little triangles of sheer heaven! Normally known as Samosa or ''Samoosa'' in our local terms. A Samosa or Samosas is basically fried dough or baked pastry with savoury fillings of your choice.Most of the time it is filled with potatoes and peas but then with time a lot of variations have been added to these little… Continue reading Heavenly Vegetarian Samosa