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Full of Flavour Stuffed Long Peppers (Mauritian Piment Cari Farcis)

Looking for something to tantalize your taste buds? How about these appetizing stuffed long peppers as starters? They are full of flavours as stated above and you won’t be disappointed! I personally love them and they make the best appetizers for birthday parties or even family gatherings.Mauritius is a rich cultural island and also full of… Continue reading Full of Flavour Stuffed Long Peppers (Mauritian Piment Cari Farcis)

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Heavenly Vegetarian Samosa

Little triangles of sheer heaven! Normally known as Samosa or ''Samoosa'' in our local terms. A Samosa or Samosas is basically fried dough or baked pastry with savoury fillings of your choice.Most of the time it is filled with potatoes and peas but then with time a lot of variations have been added to these little… Continue reading Heavenly Vegetarian Samosa

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Savoury Tuna Pasties – Pâtés Thon

One canned tuna left at home and you are still wondering what to make out of it? I don't think there is anything more savoury other than pasties that can make up to that one canned tuna left. I simply love pasties.And the best thing about pasties is that you can design your own fillings.… Continue reading Savoury Tuna Pasties – Pâtés Thon

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Yummy Niouk Yen (Steamed Chayote Balls)

Nomnom! Personally I wouldn't say No to a big bowl of Niouk Yen no matter what time of the day. Niouk Yen or ''Boulette Chou Chou '' as being commonly known in Mauritius is a highly appreciated street food among the locals.You can find them mostly everywhere around the Island. They are served in various… Continue reading Yummy Niouk Yen (Steamed Chayote Balls)