So Mauritius So Delicious Mango Pickles – Achard

Pickle me good! Aaah! There is something particularly magic about pickles especially Mango Pickles. The aromas are so incredible that you would want to just hang in there and smell them for hours.That's my case really when it comes to Pickles, I just can't get enough of them. Pickling has long been in the tradition here in … Continue reading So Mauritius So Delicious Mango Pickles – Achard

Delicious Moon Pies – Mauritian Half Moon Snacks

Mmmmm so fondant good! Moon Pies or Half Moon Pies to me are the king to appetizers.I mean honestly I find them so divine and compared to the other Mauritian appetizers,so far this one is my favourite! Why my favourite?Simply because of its texture,their taste and also their soft fondant goodness. Do they not look so … Continue reading Delicious Moon Pies – Mauritian Half Moon Snacks

Succulent Spongy Mauritian Rasgulla

Spongy good,oh yeah! Rasgulla is among the most favourite sweet dish in Mauritius.Everybody seems to love it so much here that we all make it anytime an occasion presents itself.There is absolutely no reason good enough not to make them at home or to have them. The best thing about this sweet is the succulent … Continue reading Succulent Spongy Mauritian Rasgulla

Mauritian Cassava Milk Pudding – Manioc Au Lait

Mmm so creamy good! I love Cassava! It was a great part of my childhood days where my Mum would steam it and keep it hot for me especially after school hours. Once home I would devour it like nothing with a good dollop of butter on top.That was indeed so Yum! Cassava has been part of the Mauritian traditional … Continue reading Mauritian Cassava Milk Pudding – Manioc Au Lait

Super Easy Chicken Chop Suey

A lot of vegetables lying around? Do you have a lot of vegetables lying around and do not know what to make of it? Tired of making soup and stock. How about a stir fry? With chicken it works amazing! Chicken chop suey has always been an old time favourite and it goes along with … Continue reading Super Easy Chicken Chop Suey