Delicious Moon Pies – Mauritian Half Moon Snacks

Mmmmm so fondant good! Moon Pies or Half Moon Pies to me are the king to appetizers.I mean honestly I find them so divine and compared to the other Mauritian appetizers,so far this one is my favourite! Why my favourite?Simply because of its texture,their taste and also their soft fondant goodness. Do they not look so … Continue reading Delicious Moon Pies – Mauritian Half Moon Snacks

Pipping Hot Sardines Croquettes

Sardines? Really? Yes you heard it right,today it is all about Sardines Croquettes! You can very well make croquettes out of those delicate fish as well. Sardines are small, oily fish that generally come as canned fish and are commonly known as canned sardines. Although sardines are regarded as a single species, there are actually 21 types … Continue reading Pipping Hot Sardines Croquettes

Heavenly Vegetarian Samosa

Little triangles of sheer heaven! Normally known as Samosa or ''Samoosa'' in our local terms. A Samosa or Samosas is basically fried dough or baked pastry with savoury fillings of your choice.Most of the time it is filled with potatoes and peas but then with time a lot of variations have been added to these little … Continue reading Heavenly Vegetarian Samosa

Yummy Mauritian Chilli Cakes – Gateaux Piments

So mouth watering indeed! Chilli cakes or '' Gateaux Piments '' as we normally call them here in Mauritius are among the most popular appetizers/snacks widely consumed and sold throughout the island. It is also known as ''Gateaux Dhall'' because the very basic of this street food is made from ''Dhall'' - Yellow split peas … Continue reading Yummy Mauritian Chilli Cakes – Gateaux Piments