Mashed Banana Cinnamon Fritters – Gateau Banane

If you think bananas are just for monkeys,think again! Bananas are my most favourite fruits to eat especially at breakfast time. They make such delicious breakfast when added to your cereals. And to top it all, a good drizzle of honey over.Yum! Often we are found with a lot of them left and not really … Continue reading Mashed Banana Cinnamon Fritters – Gateau Banane

Succulent Spongy Mauritian Rasgulla

Spongy good,oh yeah! Rasgulla is among the most favourite sweet dish in Mauritius.Everybody seems to love it so much here that we all make it anytime an occasion presents itself.There is absolutely no reason good enough not to make them at home or to have them. The best thing about this sweet is the succulent … Continue reading Succulent Spongy Mauritian Rasgulla